Home invasion -- Stolen Bike

Hello everyone.
I would like everyone to keep an eye on all the bike selling forums, kijiji, FB market place, etc. for a 2021 cannondale SuperSix Evo road bike. Green and black in colour, Campy components, and Hunt wheels. Also, a black Argon 18 Track bike. My home was broken into this past weekend and these bikes, plus 2 frame sets and a set of wheels were stolen. Not to mention all my electronic (laptops, HiFi) and some power tools. My CX bike has been recovered by the police and a couple of laptops, but that’s it so far. We were not at home at the time, so no one was hurt and the house is secure now. Thank you.
Jeff Heipel

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Oh my. Glad no one was hurt. Were the dogs not at home either? Hope you find your bikes and such. Hope the police catch them.

Take care.

So sorry to hear about this. There are people out there that have no respect for other peoples property :frowning:

Glad everyone’s okay and that a few items were recovered. Best of luck with the rest. I have no mercy for thieves so please bail me out when I cross them.

We were away for the weekend and the dogs were with us. It could have been worse, but feeling pretty drained.

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Ya, we are still shaken by all of this. It is just such an invasion of your space. And now we just have to wait for insurance and news from the police. Kinda feel like we are in limbo…
Thanks for your support Chris