Sub-categories as guides to members

People don’t know what to post where. Ride, Race, Lead is a bit confusing but I like the fact it is a club theme.

Solution: more Sub-categories!

If we put a Tech sub-category under ride you can see it and post topics about this there.

Nutrition, Training, CX World Cup & Grand Tours under Race ( for example).

Advocacy, City Trail Planning, OCA under Lead ( lead is a harder one)

Adding these for guidance to new users will help IMHO.


Suggestions for other Sub-categories?

Agreed, I don’t think more subcategories clutters things up much. The topic view options are pretty good in discourse. I can see Top, Latest, New, Unread etc… pretty easily, I don’t have to dig into each sub category to view them

Let’s try them out :slight_smile:

Sounds like something to try.
I like your suggestions @Steven_Stillaway

I like the idea of adding CX worlds, Grand Tours, etc in the Race category. That way it’s not just WCC race related items…especially given the state of local races for the immediate future. I think this also makes the Race category more inviting to more people.

Also like your LEAD sub-categories. I think that really helps that one

I had quickly populated the top level category descriptions with some generic babel when the site was first set up. If we have better written and detailed descriptions for each category, we can alleviate some of these nagging category discussions.

Topic seeding is another great help to clear up what kind of discussions go where.

Good point @tcauduro
If we are just adding them to make it clear what to post in a category I think your suggestions would work.

Then we only add more sub-categories if they are something people would search for or we want a clear divide like we have in the RIDE category.

I made some tweaks to the descriptions Tom originally wrote…do these read any better for the category descriptions?


This is race central. Whether you watch or race, this is the place to talk tactics, training, & nutrition; share stories; hype upcoming events; and critique World Cups and Grand Tours


Let’s talk about cycling advocacy in our club and community. Talk about Adopt-a-road, local cycling initiatives, club members leading in our community, give feedback to the Board of Directors, and share OCA news.

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