Skills at Queensmount Arena, Kitchener-April 3rd; 12:30-1:45

KWCA Indoor MTB Skills Arena program .

A multi-station MTB circuit to improve your MTB skills and prepare you for trail riding in the Spring. Skinnies, Balancing, Jumps, Landing, Rear wheel lifts (this will help in actual HydroCut features), Attack Position, Proper sending techniques and landing it, Stand stills, and much much more! This program is for athletes to build on their MTB skills - Flat Pedals & Flat soled shoes show the best results! A helmet, clean bike, shoes and pedals are required.

Check in at the Arena 30 minutes before start time.

Cost $20 - cash payment at arena

As someone with zero MTB skills (or worse), do you think I would find much value in it? Most of the stuff I’ve soon looks cool and are things I might aspire to do one day, but as a true beginner, I’m worried that it might be a bit too much for me. On the other hand, I really want to go properly test out my new bike.

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You can stay away from the things that look scary and unsafe for now. But you can test your bike on skinnies, the three humps, little drops and such.

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You snuck out on me, and you didn’t even show is your new bike :frowning:

As much as the indoor setting can be more intimidating it is a really good environment to learn fundemental skills. The controlled environment and ability to easily repeat skills allows for much faster development. The only thing we miss is cornering and we have CX for that :wink:

I would recommend the mtb skill sessions in the summer to learn some of the basic body movements.

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