KWCA Indoor Skills for 2023 @ Queensmount Arena

For anyone interested KWCA is bring back its skills arena at Queensmount Arena starting in October running until March. Sessions are on Saturdays the main adult session will be from 12:45-2pm. Sign up by October the 1st and the sessions are discount to $200 for the season, $400 after then or 125 for 6 sessions. You need OCA insurance i.e be a club member of an Ontario club.

The program is amazing for improving your skills, significantly faster than you will achieve on the trails, much like the Thursday night sessions.

This year I’m told we have a rock garden coming to add to last years features. The setup is changed most weeks but we have pump rollers, skinnies, large drops, jumps and objects to work on wheel lifts.

Registration at;!/events/2022-kwca-mtb-skills-arena-winter-program


Do people need to join KWCA or is a WCC membership enough?

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Correct no need to join KWCA, just WCC or any other club membership.


For those not sure about the indoor skills these videos help picture it.

I think these are viewable if you don’t have an account.

Going to bump this up, as a member mentioned ot to me today.

A couple of more days for the early bird discount. If you are thinking about it then you should probably just sign up now. $200 now for the whold winter or $400 later. There are also 6 week riding packs but the early discount for the season makes more sense.