Shoes for Wide Feet. - Shimano XC300

I bought a pair of Shimano XC300 shoes to use with my new to me gravel bike in Summer 2022. I’ve used them about a dozen times, but they are really still too tight. I can only wear them with thin socks (like dress sock thin), and my big toenail still feels like it’s being crushed.

They are a size 44 wide.

No local retailers carry wide size shoes, so I am ordering online. Going with 45 wide, same shoe model. $160cdn plus tax shipped from Toronto.

Curiously, I measured my barefoot length with a ruler, and it’s right at 270mm long. which by Shimano size charts should have been a 43 size. Up one size to 44, but still too tight.

I have tried stretching them a bit with a shoe stretcher and multiple applications of heat from a heat gun, but my goal is to do a 100km charity ride this year. I don’t think my feet will survive in them…

Just venting to those with wide feet.