Saturday Dec 10th is looking fatbik-ey (and other bikes too)

Watching the weather, looks like snow coming Friday through the day into Saturday morning. Hoping to post an urban adventure ride. I suspect the snow cover will be just enough to justify fatbikes, while still likely not so deep that other bikes will do fine (mtb or wide-tired gravel rig).

From the Archive: December 8, 2018. A mix of fatties, MTB’s and gravel rigs having fun in Columbia woods.


I only see 1 fat bike in that picture? The rest of us are on MTB’s.

So…if you own a MTB, or like to cross country ski, or go for walks with your dog in the forest.

Same difference. This ride is for you.

P.S. @AnaMariaBogatan i finally took your advice and your King Street gift certificate from the WCC Spring Social and bought those Race Face Chesters that you recommended.

So, now it’s regular warm snow boots on flat pedals for snow riding.

Which colour did I choose?

You’ll have to come out on Saturday to find out.


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I like the orange ones! Make sure you wear boots not Converse :slight_smile:

I can’t come out till March, I am helping KWCA with the skills sessions.
Speaking of, coach Rob asked if we have a monthly newsletter to promote the January - March (10 Weeks) additional registrations for MTB indoor skills arena!

If we ride fatbikes on Sundays I will join the group


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