Pedal & Potluck Wrapup

Well didn’t we luck out with the weather. A lovely warm and sunny ride through Kitchener and Waterloo to the east gazebo in Waterloo park.

We all rode the trail/road route up to the park but then split into a gravel group and a road/path group for the return trip.

Lots of food on offer once we got to the park and a nice cool breeze off the water.

A great way to spend a Sunday in June.


And thank you to my wife and daughter for being the food transportation team for our group.


Thanks for organizing Rob - it was a great day to be out and riding and an awesome spread of food!


Thanks for doing this Rob!! While I couldn’t attend, great to see you had a good day.


Yes, thanks Rob and family! It was a very enjoyable morning.


Thank you for organizing this. The ride was fun and recreational. All food on the table were amazing :yum: I also enjoyed conversations with the members who I usually don’t see. Please pass my application to your wonderful family Joanne and Amy :blush:


This as my first ride with a full blown lunch break. The food was delicious and thank you so much to @HappyOne , Joanne and Amy.

Joanne and Amy, you really spoiled us that day. Thanks for transporting, setting up, packing up AND transporting back to the start location. Next year the riders should pitch in a few bucks each to give you both something for your time and effort. That is IF we are lucky enough to do it again and IF you volunteer your time again.



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