P2A Video on GCN

If you haven’t seen it yet, GCN was at P2A, and Manon raced the 100km race in the Wave 1.

If you look closely, lots of WCC and Faction riders (for example @kevrideseverything I believe) ended up in the video. Nice to see. Now I have a gravel bike/hardtail, something I can do next year.

Paris to Ancaster on GCN



You can see Kevin pass Manon in the muddy section at about 8:07!!

And is that @Davidwp at about 8:30 riding up the little incline?

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Someone wearing a WCC Jersey in this clip :✂️ P2A - WCC - YouTube

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It’s @DaveG around 8:33.

I recall now passing Manon stopped before the muddy bit. Didn’t realize it was a presenter, I just figured it was a GCN fan. Good thing I didnt shout “Get the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: out of my way!” as I rode past. :laughing::crazy_face:

YES! 2 seconds of fame :slight_smile:

This was the video I think we were all waiting for. Awesome to see Manon’s race recap and experience. Enjoyed that a lot.

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