Apple discourse app

A request was made by someone ( @Jasonpollard ) regarding how to enable notifications using the Discourse Apple app.

My response was, ‘Apple sucks’ :rofl:

I also said, I have no idea. Ask @tcauduro

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Apple charges money for apps to push notifications. The Discourse team has stated they are not planning to pay for any notification service. You can see notifications when you open the discourse hub app, but they won’t be pushed to your device as you probably expect.

There is a third party app that works well called Fig. Fig has a paid model that will enable notifications if you subscribe. You can use it for free as well, though you won’t get the notifications with the free version.

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I believe Jason is using Fig

So the answer is if he wants notifications he has to pay.

Thanks Tom

@Steven_Stillaway Apple does not suck if you’ve drunk enough of the KoolAid :cup_with_straw:


I actually used to like Apple a lot.

Then the prices got stupid.

Then they started to become much more controlling about what I could and could not do with my devices. I got rid of my Macbook. I had three of them over the years.

My wife Janet loves her Apple products though.

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