May 7th Second Fit Night at Ziggy’s Cycles

Ziggy’s has kindly offered to host our second fit kit night!

Where: Ziggy’s Cycles
When: Tuesday May 7th
Time: 6pm-8pm

Please only park in the designated Ziggy’s parking spaces in the lot or utilize street parking.

Silly question, but is this a fit for clothing or fit for bicycles?

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@karokami it is a fit night for the various types and sizes of clothes the club offers. I think we have most things covered from shorts, to jerseys and jackets. You then order online via the club shop.

A fit night for bikes would be awesome though, I’m not sure how that would work :slight_smile:

Fit night ends at 8pm so don’t delay!


thanks @Oliver_Smith, how do I get to the club shop / when does it open? looking at, I did not find anything (not that a link isn’t there somewhere…)

I think we will be opening the shop really soon (like in the next few days) and sending out the link @IanB

@KGale I think will be sending a note out about it shortly

That is correct. Garneau now has the list of items we would like to include in the WCC shop and as soon as they have it up and running (next couple of days) the link will be shared and available for a week.

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Store is OPEN!

More info under the recent form Announcement post but here is the link as well:

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