LTGR Query

Hello everyone, I wanted to try out a LTGR session before purchasing the membership? Is it possible? Also, I am a beginner with a basic hybrid bike - would that be suitable for group rides?


Hi Nagma,

Thanks for reaching out! In order to take part in the Learn To Group Ride you need to either be a member of the Waterloo Cycling Club or a member of another Ontario Cycling Club and therefore be covered by Ontario Cycling’s insurance.

We have a selection of Recreational level road and gravel rides that a hybrid bike would work for.

Happy Riding!

Hi Nagma,

My apologies, I forgot about a recently introduced program through Ontario Cycling where you can purchase a Club Day Pass and is a great way for a non-OC member to first try-out a club to see if they want to join for the season.

You are welcome to do this for next week’s LTGR session.


I didn’t know this was available, great!