Beginner Road Ride - SJAM - Wednesday June 16

Hi all,

I am looking to join a beginner/Intermediate group and learn how to ride in a group setting.

Proposed time: 6pm on June 16th, 2021
Where: SJAM parking lot
NOTE: road only, no gravel

If any ride leaders could join it would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,


Proposed Route: WedNight SJAM Jun16 - A bike ride in Waterloo, Ontario

FYI, provincial COVID legislation says we need to be 3m apart during group activities. This restriction means that a proper learn to group ride isn’t achievable in our current re-opening stage. I suggest you defer this until the government and the OCA say it is okay to ride without the 3m restrictions in place. We should not be endorsing or officially leading any kind of ride that breaks these provincial restrictions.

I complitely agree that we need to follow provincial COVID regulations and not bend any restrictions currently in place. As a beginner, I don’t think I would be confortable riding closer than 3m to anybody at this point. Please, let me know if there are any learning activities available within the current OCA guidelines.

I wish I had seen this before Alex! I will join next time my firend…put down some serious watts and then maybe a beer(s)!

You can do unofficial get togethers and ride, but it is not looking like we are going to have official beginner club rides or club learn to group rides until we hit Stage 2 of re-opening. There are just too many restrictions still.

Stay tuned and watch for information. Gravel Rides should be coming soon.

@kspangler, sorry for such a short notice, I just got my first road bike on Monday (pictures are available in Strava). Super excited!

Holy fireball batman…nice bike. We will have to go out soon…once I get my new Pirelli tires.

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Got carried away last night. @kspangler, let me know once you get your Pirelli tires.

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Hey @Alex_Bloom I got my bike last June and joined WCC this year - so I am looking forward to “official rides” too. Until then, I would be happy to join you on a ride. LMK, you can find me on RidewGPS “Patrick McKeen” Cheers, Pat M.

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