Lost and found after P2A

What an epic race it was :slight_smile: Does anyone know if they have lost and found section somewhere. I lost my Smith MTB Attacks yesterday. I thought I put them in the back pocket but it might’ve got in between the tag and the jersey. They were my favourite glasses so wondering if there is any place to ask?


Hi Sebi;

You could try their info email address, or DM them on Facebook or instagram?


I saw a nice pair of white framed glasses on the road just before the right turn on the first farm (at the end of the opening stretch of pavement on the 70km ride). Unfortunately, we were going pretty quick and I didn’t stop to pick them up. Sorry.

I recall seeing a pair of sunglasses with white frames & red/orange lenses down on a paved section of road about 100M before a left turn. Not sure how deep I was into the race at that point.

It was pretty close to the volunteers at the upcoming intersection, so it’s possible someone went to grab them. Best of luck!

I think those were mine. I had to take them off because they were useless and blinding me. I thought they were in my back pocket. Apparently not :).

Welcome to the lost items club Adam :slight_smile: mine were black frame with amber/0range lenses. So good in the forest for MTBing. I will email them directly to see if they have the list of items found. Other than like 100 bottles that are inexpensive lol

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