P2A Plate pickup

In the past P2A has allowed us to pick up plates for others with an email granting permission. I don’t see it mentioned but expect it to be the same.

I will likely need to go as we had waiver issues last year for the kid.

Me or Lauren could distribute the 70 at the start. @joemonks has volunteered to distribute from Waterloo, or if Baden is easier then I can distribute from home the day before.

Please email me at robert_daniells@hotmail.com if you want me to pick up.

Probably best to add your name to a list here so I don’t miss any emails

Yes Joe for pick up of plate pls. Also when I see names on this message I will email address and collection times … uptown Waterloo between 4 and 8 on Saturday.

Thanks Again Rob. Please pick up for myself and Travis Roth. I’ll email you for both of us with our plate numbers and will pick up at your place in Baden!!

Also Yes to plate pick up please Rob - would be greatly appreciated ! let me know what details you need and i’ll email it over

and will pick up from Joe in waterloo.

Hi Rob. I would appreciate it if you pick up my plate as well. I’ll email you. Apparently you do need an email from each person giving you permission to pick up their race plate. Can get from Joe Monks in Waterloo or

On a different topic is there anyone who wants a ride/carpool on Sunday? I was planning to drive to the Walmart super Center parking area then take the bus to the start. I have room for one or potentially 2 extra people/ bikes (2 on hitch mounted rack one on roof rack). Maybe I should post this as a separate thread?

And just to be clear the bikes go in the racks not the people!!

Yes historically they have said you need an email. After showing 10 they normally stop checking.

Lauren will be at the finish line. We will have space for 2 others to either the 70 start. If anyone just wants a ride back to one of the start points we have space for several bikes assuming I plan ahead and put the right rack on.

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This would be a huge help-thank you for offering @bike_daniells

I will email you.

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My wife Nicola is already driving to pick up plates on Saturday for a few out-of-town racers. We’ll be racing at the cento. We can also pick up plates and have the available in North Waterloo (or at the beginning of the cento race) if it helps. I can coordinate with @bike_daniells

For those in wave 1 for the cento there is a chance they’ll want to see your UCI license when picking up the plates (if that was the criteria you used to get into wave 1). I highly doubt it…but maybe.

If anyone racing in the Cento would like plates picked up let me know and I can forward a spreadsheet link to record you bib number and contact #. I’d post the link here but this forum is public so anyone on the interweb could access .


Thanks for the offer, Rob. I’m in for plate pickup on the 70. Will email you my details and get it from you at the start.

Rob, Kevin is going to grab my plate (he lives across the street!), so will be all good.

Thanks for arranging though!


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Rob thanks for grabbing my race plate. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the race tomorrow!

Thank you @bike_daniells !