Sunglasses that will not break the bank

Hi all,
Looking for some advice. I am looking for a new pair of sunglasses that will not require a second mortgage but are still quality. I have used both Ryder and Sundogs and find they slip off my head when I start to get sweaty.
Im okay with spending up to $150
Any suggestions?


I’m a big fan of Smith frameless. Not sure if they fall within that price range but they are comfortable, stay on your head and most importantly don’t block your vision when in aero position on the bike :slight_smile:

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I usually buy Oakleys on eBay. Usually good deals vs MSRP.

Got a pair of crossrange shield (which work really well for my high cheekbones + low nosebridge) for $160.

Retailers seem to be doing more sales now as well. Bicicletta (out of BC) is running a sale until midnight on the 16th. 20% off regular price. Code: CUPIDSCODE

Not sure if Ziggy’s is still running promotions on their inventory of Smith glasses.

Pro Bike Kit often has really good sales on Oakley’s. keep an eye on their website or get their newsletter. I got my last pair from there at a good price!


I heard that Oakleys have amazing glasses. Hope it will be great for me
Their regular styles have been great for running - no bounce or slip - and last year they came out with wrap around style more cycling focused. I haven’t used the wrap around on a ride yet, but for the price you could probably give them a try and not feel bad if they don’t work out.

Adventure guide usually has some stock, so you could check there to see if they have the wrap style.


I really like the Jawbreaker, no slipping. They are a little more expensive but worth the price: