Interesting article: Is cycling the answer to men's loneliness epidemic?

As someone who is a bit introverted, riding – first with people like @TommyB and then with the club (and the Track’n’Thai subgroup who rides track) – has been an important social outlet for me. Seems like that’s true for a lot of people, according to this Cycling Weekly article. And, looking at the recommendations for clubs to make them more welcoming, it seems like we’re doing a lot of that kind of thing: we have loads of different kinds of rides for different people, a really useful ‘learn to ride group’ sessions, and a range of active ride leaders who keep the whole thing running. So – thanks!!


I have found coming from both a different country and province the club has been invaluable for meeting people and finding new friends. Tough to do in this day and age (especially with working from home) so I am truly thankful for the community we have here. It is very special!