To wave, or not to wave ( blog)

Opinion piece in No, I don’t wave at other cyclists when I’m out for a ride… isn’t a simple nod of acknowledgement enough?

This made me smile. I spent most of my life riding alone and was blistfully unaware of “The Wave.” Plus, I’m naturally a bit introverted, so my time on the bike was usually pretty blissed (or tired!) out and enjoying the ride!

Then, I moved to KW, started riding with @TommyB and eventually with the club. I learned about the ritual of The Wave and found my own middle ground – a casualy openning of the left hand and a shallow nod. I’m never to fussed about whether or not it’s returned and it feels like a nice way to reinforce the cycling community in KW.

Didn’t read the piece, but out in the countryside I wave to everyone on a bike. Gotta do it!