Info needed: cycling in Portugal's Algarve area

I may be headed to the Algarve this winter. Anyone have recommendations for areas/ towns that may be good for a cycling base?

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I cycled out of Carvoeiro, and thought it was a good base for both coastal rides and rides heading inland/uphill. I rented a bike from a local shop there (I can probably dig up the name if you need it) and thought it was excellent…carbon frame Basso with 105 components for about 30 euros a day if my memory serves me correctly. The shop delivered the bike right to my AirBnB

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Thanks Brent. Did you fly into Faro? How did you get to Carvoeiro?

I have a bike box in the garage if you need one its yours

Connect with Chad Hartman, he has a home over there and knows the area very well. :slight_smile:

We actually flew into Marbella and then rented a car and drove to Carvoeiro (it was a two city trip).

Here’s one of the best rides I did there (66 kms roundtrip and you could easily extend once you get to Monchique): Follow Brent on Strava to see this activity. Join for free.

Thanks Chris, although the Algarve is the southern part of Portugal, and I have not ridden there yet.
The house I have is about 50 minutes north of Lisbon and close to the coast.
The bonus is that a large and small Canyon (carbon Di2) are free for club members to use.

Scott if you are ever travelling north let me know and I can hook you up.

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Thanks Chris

Thanks Brent.

Thanks, good to know Chad.

Thanks David but I bought a bike bag a number of years ago- and look forward to using it one of these days.

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