US cycling destination recommendations

I’m looking for recommendations for a shortish (4-5 nights max) USA road cycling destination that is within 8hrs driving and would be reasonably good weather in mid April.

Anyone done something similar?
Does such a place exist? Is it worth it? Working with fairly tight work/family constraints, and hoping not to fly…

I have not gone, but I was actually considering touring along the Empire State Trail this summer:

More like a 14hr drive…but a regular, consistent group of Club members all drive down to South Carolina for a week of Spring Training camp in April. They rent AirBnB’s and cook for themselves, so it’s very economical. It’s a popular destination for many club’s around here due to the beauty of the terrain, above average temperatures, variety of cycling and warmth of the local people. You will regularly see Jersey’s from other Ontario Cycling Clubs down there that week.

Usually they are based out of Brevard, SC at the foot of the Blue Ridge Parkway, near the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Get your climbing shoes on.

It’s super warm by then, so it’s a joy to wear your summer kit in 20+ degrees. The routes are epic, climbing Ceaser’s Head State Park and all manner of incredible destinations like Saluda.

@blakeellis is usually the organizer and ride leader. Reach out to him, he is a wealth of knowledge about all things cycling destinations.

Something to consider?


The view from this lookout is a common group pic for people when they make it to the top of Ceaser’s Head.

Screen Shot 2024-02-01 at 8.12.26 AM


Thanks Alain, that’s great and much appreciated! Looking less possible this year but now on my radar.

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I have trained in Vermont in the past and love the roads anywhere between Manchester and Burlington (specifically, i stayed at Stratton Mountain resort and rode out from there every day…which, unfortunately means each ride ends with an ‘interesting’ climb home :face_exhaling: )
My company has an office in Burlington, VT and there are some great road/gravel roads around there too.

Vermont may not be much better with weather than around here in April (technically it’s further north than KW!) but it’s very drive-able in a day and the roads/hills are definitely more impressive than anything we have around here.