If anyone is interested in watching what the Baal CX race course was like today from a Gopro

My son Lucas had the opportunity this year to race some of the Christmas Cross races in Belgium with Cycling Canada. My wife Nicola and I have enjoyed watching most of the elite races but unfortunately they aren’t streaming the junior races :unamused:

The Women’s race today was particularly epic with 3 Canadian women making the top-10 in the elite race. Just awesome.

Lucas has been taking go-pro footage of his pre-rides. The muddy course today in Baal was particularly interesting to watch. If anyone is interested his video is here:

2024 Baal cyclocross pre ride!


And another one. If anyone is watching the Hoogerhide CX race tomorrow and is interested in a bird’s eye view. Lucas is racing again and posted a preride with all of the Canadian junior boys this afternoon.

Although it wasn’t quite as interesting as Puck Pieterse’s preride :slightly_smiling_face:

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“No longer KW” !

He’ll ALWAYS be … KW.


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