Help Malcolm

Please it’s Malcolm I am not seeing member view for signing up for rides.

Same here, dont see rides and sign up.

Did you register for the club on ccnbikes with the same e-mail as you used to register on the forum? When you register on ccnbikes, you should receive an e-mail to setup an account with the proper permissions. If you had already setup an account on the forum, it might take up to an hour for it to recognize your registration on ccnbikes.

Hi @Msteven

There is no registration for your email for a Waterloo Cycling Club account with CCN.

Did you perhaps register under a different email address?

Thanks I’m away for the weekend now and I will check on my laptop when back. I may have registered with CCN with my work address.
Thanks for getting back to me.

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At first i thought this was a ride set up to ‘Help Malcolm’. :rofl: