I am on a Hamilton CC mailing list and received the following that might be of interest to some of you:


Chris Baskys of Ontario Cycling has asked me to forward this info to people on my Contact List.

They have arranged a new Ontario Cup race in September to replace the Northumberland event that was cancelled due to wildfire smoke last month. See the info below. They have hired Performance Driven Events to run the race and they are looking for Volunteers to help with the operations of the race.

There isn’t much info there other than the date of Sunday Sept 17th. Harrisburg is a small Hamlet in the Brantford area very near Hamilton’s rural border. It’s a popular spot for riders out here, as it is rural, the roads are good and there are lots of good hills to make it a challenging ride. (I think the Paris to Ancaster route goes through Harrisburg)

Anyway, if you want to volunteer to help with the race, contact info is below…


I am reaching out to introduce you to our OC Volunteer Coordinator Franziska Middrup. Franziska is in charge of volunteer coordination at all of OC’s organized events, and as we have recently announced the Harrisburg Classic Road Race for September 17th, we are seeking volunteers to help support the event in various capacities (Caravan Drivers, Road Marshals, Registration volunteers, etc.) Obviously you know to run a successful event, having an appropriate number of volunteers is vital.

We would appreciate it if you could spread the word to your members and share Franziska’s contact information (ocvolunteer@ontariocycling.org) with your club members so that interested members can get in touch with her to learn more about volunteering for the event.

If you yourself have any questions, certainly don’t hesitate to ask Franziska.


Chris Baskys (he/him/his)
Club Relations & Membership Manager

A: 2-2015 Pan AM Blvd., Milton, ON L9E 0K7
T: (416) 855-1717 ext: 1007
E: chris.baskys@ontariocycling.org
W: www.ontariocycling.org