SCCC Harvard Grand Prix

Our friends from SCCC are hosting a race series. :slight_smile: Details below!

Registration open for SCCC Harvard Grand Prix

Registration for the Harvard Grand Prix is open! Register for all 3 races and save$$ you must register and start in all 3 races in the series to qualify for final placing and prizes! Don’t miss what could be one of the most exciting races in Ontario this season!

CCN registration weblink:!/series/st-catharines-cc-harvard-grand-prix

More information on the Harvard Grand Prix race series:

This looks like a lot of fun. 10 turns!!! I wish I was in shape, but I might still register for one or two just for fun.

I think we should push to get a big group out. Crits are perfect to hang around at and cheer others on. We could bring the team tent, some chairs, a cooler full of cold drinks and enjoy the day.

Also, I would love to eventually find a way to get funding to build something like this in our area. Just need some land, parking and a bunch of pavement. The stuff I dream about.


The new streets behind the Waterloo Costco that tie into Platinum Drive are something that could have so much potential.

Can we find a spot to out the FCV track there? Tarp it up for the winter and use it for a summer evening track series? :grimacing:

Where are you thinking? Do you think it would be a good training loop?

The new streets are named, Copper, Platinum and Titanium. They are connected directly to the Costco parking lot. Currently they are still under construction so there are big concrete bollards blocking the new streets even though they are freshly paved. But a bike can squeeze through.

So, currently the new streets aren’t usable, but once they take the road blocks out, they could be usable for training. Especially since they are connected to 2 roundabouts so I don’t think there will be any stop signs to worry about.

I’ll look for a map from the city that shows what I’m taking about and post it here.

But if you every go up the Columbia extension, you’ll see it on the south side.

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