Flat spotted rim - any bike shops able to fix?

So I’m doing some work on my fat bike for the winter and noticed I have flat spotted the rim. To be honest, I don’t use the bike that much but I do notice it when riding so would like to get it fixed without spending a lot of money.

Googling fixes it seems there are some ways to push it out but I think most bike shops will tell me to get a new rim and rebuild the wheel (which I would like to try and avoid).

Any suggestions on local shops or people who can fix this? I could just take it to Ziggys or Mcpphails and see what they say but I’m pretty sure of the answer :slight_smile:

Recycle cycles community bike shop have wheel truing stands (all park tool so vgood quality) and all the tools you need if you want to go down there and try and fix it yourself.

Hi Oliver!

So you suspect that the rim has been bent (radially) by an impact event? Are you able to tell if the spokes at that section of the rim have less tension than the others? Is there any visible damage to the rim itself?

- Tim

Hey Tim and Joe,

Had a good poke on it this morning. Looks like a combo of loose spokes and slightly bent from an impact event. Used a bottle jack and this method and seems to have fixed it :slight_smile:
How I remove flat spots - Pinkbike Forum



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I didn’t even know you had a fatbike… :grin:

I used to use it for winter commuting @KevRidesGravel but it hasn’t had much use in recent years moving fully remote. I have no MTB skills (although I have thought about using it to learn) so I’m a bit dubious coming on the club rides and holding everyone up.

Mostly it gets used to go out with my wife with her on a fatbike too on local trails. Nothing too strenuous just nice to be out in the snow!