FIXED: Problem with some accounts not set as current 2021 Members on the Forum

Hello Everyone,

We have discovered an issue with the WCC member code for the forum. If you are a current 2021 WCC Member, but you set your email with CCN to be one address and used a different address for your forum account ( ie. gmail for automatic login ) you may have been missed being added to the Club Members 2021 group.

This means you won’t be able to access the Members only areas including the Ride Postings. We will be looking at fixing this code, but if you are in this situation post here or in the Site Feedback / Help Me category and we can add you manually.

Sorry for any confusion.

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The code that adds WCC Members from CCN data has been updated and all users that were missed have been correctly added to the 2021 WCC Members now.

Should all be good, but just let us know if anyone else has problems.