Fast Fondo Leader Needed for June 11th

I’m riding in the Ride to Conquer Cancer this coming weekend (with my fundraising going to services in the community for people or families fighting cancer).

Forecast currently looks great, although the wind is suggesting another Stratford run.

I’m happy to create the event, but I do need someone to handle announcements and make sure the groups get off safely.

Please message me if you can help.


Do we think a lot of people will be doing the conquer Cancer ride so the groups on the 11th will be smaller? ( Always wanted to do it but I’m terrible at fund raising!).

I’d volunteer to lead but I’m not sure I’m confident enough to reign everyone in if we ended up with only a single group. Plus it would be only my second f3 Saturday road ride so a bit more experience would be nice.

I could lead a fast-mediate group though to prevent disruption of the intermediate group as happened a few weeks ago ( intermeapolocalypse, okay that doesn’t work as well :slightly_smiling_face:) if that was needed?

In addition to RTCC, the Tour de Grand is Sunday. That would likely mean smaller numbers for most of the Saturday fondo groups.

I completely forgot about the Tour de Grand. I would have signed up myself had i remembered it was on again this year. My brain is still on COVID time where everything is cancelled forever!

gravel race for me that day, otherwise I’d be there, even if just to start the road ride then go lead gravel :wink:

Jason at the very least i will go and do intros and may even ride part of it. If you can do the event post that would be great.

Participation in RTCC and Tour de Grand might not have much impact on our Fondo. I don’t hear about RTCC in our group rides…I’m participating as part of a corporate team and wouldn’t be there otherwise. Tour de Grand can be popular with the club, but usually more so when we organize a group to go, which we’ve done a few times.

That said riding preference is different post COVID…it’s a new world!

Mark/Scott…thanks to you both. I’ll get a ride posted and note that one or both of you will be there for kick-off. I’ll also add a reminder we need people working together in the group as we get back to the “art of the ride”.


I’ll likely be doing the 40km HCC TT on Saturday. If I end up not doing the TT I’m happy to lead Group 1 though.

Pretty sure you can still sign up for Tour de Grand! And there are usually lots of WCC riders doing the event… just look for green jerseys in the start corral.

From the email I got after registering:

Early Registration Package Pickup and Last Minute Registration:
On Saturday, June 11th, from 12 noon until 2:00 p.m. at Duncan McIntosh Arena, Churchill Park, 200 Christopher Drive, Cambridge, you can register at the early bird rates and receive your registration package OR if you are already registered, you can pick up your registration package, and an event T-shirt (if you are one of the first 1,800 registered riders). Save time on Sunday and just go riding.

Definitely a buzz at the moment about Tour de Grand this Sunday.

People from Group 2 & 3 are going for the 100km. Some are just going to show up with $40 in the morning to sign up. It’s so casual there.

With 20 people in a peloton on a flat course, it can be fast…like 36-40kph. But, we’ll all stop for oranges and to fill the water bottles at the rest stop.

I can’t imagine anyone not riding Saturday, to “rest up” or save the legs for a fun TdG fondo on Sunday?

I’m expecting the regulars will be out on Saturday for an EZ coffee ride to Balzac’s?


That is pretty great. I actually just posted a topic in the ride meetups for the TdG area like we had for the p2a so we can track who is doing what ride and look out for them at the start.

I’d love to do the 100km but I’m a distance from the start so that would be an early morning for me (especially for a Sunday!). Plus I’m not sure my legs are ready for longish rides Saturday and Sunday this phase of the season.

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Ride for Saturday is posted:

The weather for Saturday looks like most of the ride will be downwind (at least that’s the weather right now).

The weather for Sunday is now rain all day. Hopefully for TdeG and RTCC that forecast changes…if it doesn’t there might be more people out on Saturday.

Thanks to Mark, Scott and Chris for volunteering to help lead.

Please note that due to a wind change I’ve changed the route for tomorrow.