Do we want a Help Category, where people could ask questions

It would provide a way for people to ask questions about how to use the forum, and would also provide an archive users could look through for answers.

Would only really work if we have some Tek Savvy people who are willing to answer questions.

In theory this is not required because there are FAQ’s, RTFM, and Google searching to answer your questions, but it could be helpful for some people.

This does bring up the how many different categories do we want before this damn thing gets too crowded.

We have FAQs & New user guide so I don’t think we need a help category

The “Site Feedback” could become a “Site Feedback and questions” section?

Announcement and FAQ section is read only for regular members. It’s a category where only Admins, mods, and board members can post content. i.e., any topics are authoritative and can be trusted to be true.

We could allow the site feedback category to become a place to ask those kinds of help questions, and if there is a great answer provided, we can then lock and move those posts to the FAQ section and they become a part of the site’s help pages.

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