About the Site Feedback / Help Me category

A place to provide feedback on this forum and discuss features and options. Contains Forum FAQs, User Guides, and Tips and Tricks.

Also ask your questions for Technical help using the Forum here.

The first type of topics you will see here are questions that the admins want to ask the users of the site. These topics will help us decide if a features is worthwhile to be setup on the forum, or if it does not belong here. So if you want to see something look at the topics here and let us know you want that feature. We will also be looking for input on how to implement features.

The second reason for this Site Feedback area is to tell us what you like and don’t like about the forum. Start your own topic if you really like something and think it is awesome, or start a topic to tell us that something is awful and should go away, or maybe it just needs to be tweaked and you have a suggestion.

like the clean easy to red look

had some trouble setting up the account - the validation emails took a long time to arrive, they ended up in junk as warned which wasnt really a problem, they just took a long time to get there.