CX Worlds Watching Part - Sun Jan 30 @ 6pm

Bit of late notice, I honestly though worlds was in Feb until earlier in the week. During normal years we get together and play the women’s and men’s races over snacks and drinks. Last year we hosted a group on Discord and watched the races together. We’ll do the same thing tomorrow, Sunday, evening at 6pm. We’ll post a link to the Discord channel soon. Hope a couple people pop on and chat.


We were able to use Discord last year so we’ll try it again. Link to my channel below. We can chat and watch the footage together this way. Let me know if you have any questions.

Timmer’s Discord Channel


Can you actually show the footage via Discord? I wanted to watch it and was looking for a free stream, but all I could find was the signup for FloBikes

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Hi Steven, yes I can share my screen through Discord so we’re all watching the same footage at the same time. That’s what we did last year. Hope you can join us!

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I used to really enjoy watching the UCI CX races when they were free on youtube. Once it became a pay thing I stopped though – just so annoyed with all of these different subscription things you have to sign up for.

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