Canyon Grizl in the Hydrocut?

To all the roadies that thought suspension on a gravel bike makes it great for the hydrocut, I can say. No. While it was an interesting ride, and make the trails somewhat challenging (let’s face it, 90% of the HC should be rated green), it makes for a harsh ride. Very happy it had a dropper post. Don’t know how anyone rides without one.

It was quite amusing to be standing beside a guy on a full sus bike with a full face helmet next to Adam’s Run, and I was in my road kit, road helmet, and riding clips.


Yep…no thanks for riding single track on a gravel bike!

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A cross bike is great fun in there. Pick and choose your trails, watch out for rocks and just bunny hop those logs.

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So @MarkW, how come we’ve never seen you at the Monday night MTB rides?

I’m thinking Adam’s Run could be fun.


CX bike is lots of fun at the Hydrocut. It’s the only ‘off-road’ bike I own and most of the trails there are not terribly hard enough to keep me off of them. Trails like Jessica are perfect for the CX/Gravel bike imo.

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Riding a gravel bike in the hydrocut is more than possible, just way less fun with little get out of jail. The better your skills the easier it is.

KWCA has a kid riding to the pines for workouts on his CX bike, and that place has a lot of harder trails. He also has far better skills than 99% of the adults I have ridden with. As Mark says pick your lines and you will survive.

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