Best cycling computers

I was doing some riding when that very humid, hot and rainy weather hit, and it totally wrecked my phone and wahoo. My wahoo has seemed to be reliable in the past, not having issues with things like p2a and winter riding, but this delamination of the screen/ water ingress was pretty extreme.

I am now looking for a new computer, and would like to hear some thoughts from people who have bought various brands and models, specifically if anyone has found a brand that has high reliability, durability and lifespan. Does anyone have issues with touchscreen computers in the rain and snow + with gloves?

Thanks for responses in advance.

my wahoo lasted forever, buttons were coming off but it found a new home somewhere at turkey point.

I mainly use my watch for tracking now, however having a unit on the bars for maps and power data is way more convenient.

I’ve been riding with a IGsport BSC 300 unit since January its battery life seems to be as described and its been reliable. Can’t speak to durability but at half the cost of other devices its worth a shot.


I’ve got a Lezyne. Nothing fancy, but the battery lasts a reported 40 hours. I’ve had it for a few years. My previous unit was a Garmin 810 that would shut off mid ride.

The Lezyne is NOT touch screen nor is it colour, but it does what I need.

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I’ve had my Wahoo Bolt for almost 5 years (?!!) and, much like Rob’s experience, the side buttons were starting to delaminate a couple years ago so i bought a silicone cover and it is working great.

Many fun colours and suppliers to choose from and around $15. :slight_smile:

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