24h Summer Solstice Race-WCC Team

In 2020 I registered a 6-10 person team called WCC. It is open to all WCC members who want to race in a friendly, non-competitive format. No pressure just have fun type of race.
In 2020 it got canceled, last year I deferred the registration for one year but now it’s time to commit.
There are three people that signed up in 2019, we are looking now for more people, at least three to complete the registration. The due date is April 13th.
You can go directly to https://ccnbikes.com/#!/ and look for team WCC or reply to this Topic.
Let me know if you have any questions related to the race.


Is this the race?

Just looking for more info on what the event is.

Hey AnaMaria,

I would love to join!


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@blangshaw Here’s a more direct link: https://www.chicoracing.com/24-hours. Last year it was run with a slightly different format and later in the year.

OK I joined via https://ccnbikes.com/#!/events/24-hours-of-summer-solstice-2022. All paid up.

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Awesome!!! Happy to have you as a teammate this year!

Similar but not exactly, this is the Summer Solstice one , June 25-26. Hot august nights got canceled. But same place , same format.

It is NOT friendly when AnaMaria beats me by 20 seconds on every lap !

Kidding. What a WCC party over 24 hours.

We have a 5 person team signed up.

No rain…no rain…no rain…no rain!



Game on Alain!

How do I tag people here? @Joel Rose , @Robert Haskett , @Kevin Gibson …who else is interested in a friendly, or very competitive (see me versus Alain) race?
We have 5 people so far, we need at least one more.



Ah yes, this is a fun event! I’ve retired from 24-hour MTB races. The last one I did was around 2010, when the 24 hour race was shortened to 12 hours due to Mud! This race and the discontinued Hot August Nights were regularly on my schedule “back in the day”. I don’t even own a mountain bike any more!

have fun!



@Tom_Nicol might be interested if space available?