2023 memberships are now live

Hey all:

Registration is now live on CCN! Get your 2023 membership in advance of the main riding season, or get it now for our winter rides.


Note, for 2023 we’re increased adult membership from $35 to $40. The increase is to keep the budget balanced, as we’ve seen decreased revenue from membership and sponsorship the past few years, and of course, inflation on some of our costs. Student and senior membership also have increased by $5, while youth memberships have remained the same. (We’ll have more details at the AGM for those interested.)


Still a bargain. I think WCC still has the cheapest membership cost of any comparable club in the province, and when you combine that with the sheer number and diversity of ride options that go YEAR ROUND…take my money!


FYI the price is listed wrong on the CCN page and when selecting the membership. It is correct once you get to the checkout page.

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Thanks for posting, will sign up this weekend.

With the huge increase in cycling across the province I’m surprised numbers are down. Are you able to share the club membership totals over the last five years?


@ChrisP yeah totally. Here’s the data we’ve got:

2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
325 270 517 475 445 435 450 422

2022 ended with 362 members, so I’d say there is a rebound trend from 2020 to 2022, but we’re still well below pre-covid levels.


Thanks, that’s great info. Hopefully we’ll continue to see a nice rebound this year.

Has the board thought of a membership drive? Throw together a few YouTube videos to share across social media, get posters up in Universities and schools etc.