2023 Cambridge Tour de Grand Cancelled

The 2023 Tour de Grand has been cancelled. More info on their website.

We are all reminiscing today about this race.

It was the one that inspired Malcolm over 14 years ago to try to put on his first event…the Tour de Waterloo. It almost killed him! Then he and Blake officially formed Cycle Waterloo and we’ve had dozens of top class events in our own back yard ever since.

I remember the first time I did it with Tom Cauduro “taking the win” back in ~2010 ? He was the first bike back in the parking lot…and no one was there, because it was too early to expect riders.

It was alway a family, community themed "ride event. But, it was always spicy at the front. Kevin and I had our “first” crash together at TdG in a field of 50+ riders. That was a big one and is fondly recalled in the lore of TdG by many people still riding WCC today who were there.

The last two times, I did it on the tandem with my Daughter.

It was a real special event over the past 25 years.



It was such a great event and is a big loss for everyone that rides a bike.

Alain, I Remeber that crash well as I saw it all happen from the back of the group. I ended up hanging around until you were back on your bike and about 8-10 of us tried to chase back on. I think this may have been the second time we had ridden together. Even though you crashed hard, you managed to have a great time and it rubbed off on all of us.

For the past 5 or 6 years I have ridden with my whole family. Each year my kids were more and more proud to be able to complete longer routes. I am sure that they will miss it the most.

A great event that will definitely be missed by all.