Big Ride 2022?

Are we doing a big ride this year?

Hi David, there won’t be Your Big Ride in 2022.

The club is committed to this event and fundraising in support of a cause in Waterloo Region…we fully expect Your Big Ride to return in 2023.

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Just wondering, because several people have asked, why didn’t we have a big ride this year? I know that at least 2 people had offered to take on organizing it and I don’t understand why we didn’t have it. It is near & dear to my heart to support Alzheimer’s so just curious what the true issue was. Thanks!

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Hey @kaellis, I’ve had a very difficult year personally and let the board know in June that I was not capable of organizing Your Big Ride this year. I’m really sorry to now hear that there were a couple of people interested in taking over the primary organization. The Alzheimer Society is also very dear to my heart and I certainly would have helped with connections to them and sponsors like Freshii.

Does that help better clarify?

Sorry to hear you have been dealing with issues of your own but I wish you would have reached out and asked for help - we would have jumped in with both feet to keep the Big Ride going for WCC and for yourself. That is what the cycling community does best!!

Ciao, Kelly

Just to add to Jason’s point. We did take an action item at a board meeting to seek out volunteers to take his place, but I missed sending the message to members to help make it easier for them to jump in.

We’ll do a better job for 2023 reaching out to members for volunteers. I find it’s often the case most people are very willing to help, we just gotta ask.