Old WCC clothes for historical records?

I have some older WCC kits that I wonder if the club’s executive would be interested in hanging onto for historical records. Time does run away on us, and wouldn’t it be nice if we still had some Waterloo cycling items from back in the 1800s. I have 4 different, well-used kits from the 90s that are in my basement and may end up getting tossed if we ever move again. Anyway, just throwing it out there. Maybe one day the WCC will have a busy clubhouse and coffee shop with stuff like this on the walls. And they are Curtis-worn, which may end up with greater historical value if one day I finally get recognized for some pre-Strava speed records. : )


Great minds and former Founders and Presidents think alike.

I once thought the same thing and saved the kits after yours.

And then we went all “bling” during my time.

And Jason restored a more sensible style and Kevin has added some flare with the houndstooth this year.

That’s 20 years of “Green & Red” club history there.



This needs to happen…in the plaza across from SJAM? Somebody needs to buy that coffee shop and make it the new meeting spot for pre/post rides.


Need 2? from before Curtis’ collection:
The original from Roy’s days in the 80’s and the first revival green+white from the early/mid 90’s.
WCC Circa 1985
WCC 1994


Which coffee shop is it Tommy ?
Is it “The Java Garden” ?
I might look into it.


Contacted Roy Conway and he has shared photos of a number of the older kits, and older non-WCC jerseys as well. It would be great if we could find a place to hang the entire 50+ year history of WCC kit!

Wcc Roy 6
Wcc Roy 7

Roy WCC 2