Wanted: 135mm QR wheelset

I’m looking to buy a used set of wheels to use for CX season, ideally TLR. If anyone has a set sitting around that they’d like to make a few bucks on, please let me know!

(For those that have converted to disc in recent years and don’t know what to do with their old QR rims, this one’s for you!)

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Are we talking regular old rim brake wheels, Pascal?

I have a boat load of old wheels for CX. At least 4 sets of tubular race wheels for CX with various tires. Which you will love because you can ride them at 25-30 psi without flatting which allows you to stick like velcro to the grass in the corners, which is where you get all your speed in CX.

Because you have been such an anchor of gravel rides this year, you can probably have a set for free.
#PayItForward. Ping me through the email and I’ll see what I have.


P.S. You can probably see some of these wheel sets in the post I just wrote today about the history of CX in the club.

Thanks Alain, that’s a generous offer! I’ll shoot you a PM

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Dang it !!!

Turns out all my old school CX wheelsets are Shimano 10 spd and they are not up-compatible to SRAM 11spd. :sob: :man_shrugging: Sorry Pascal ! Me, and my equipment are just too old !!!

So, we’re keeping this thread alive to see if anyone else has something to offer Pascal.