Ride leader Training and refresher - May 4th, 6:30 pm (online)

Wednesday May 4th at 6:30 PM, we’ll be hosting an online meeting for anyone interested in ride leadership. Whether you’re perhaps completely new to ride leading and want to learn more, or you’re coming back after a few years off, or maybe you’r ea veteran leader and just looking to reacquaint yourself with some of the details for leading a ride, this is for you.

We’ll cover some of the details around the actual riding: what makes for a good ride, and how as a ride leader you can help the ride achieve its purpose.

We’ll also cover the digital tools available to you:

  1. How to Use RideWithGPS: Tips and trick for searching the club library of routes so you can pick an appropriate route for your ride.

  2. How to use the Forum: how to post a ride, and other general tips and tricks for using the forum.

We’re using Google Meet for the call:

Here’s the presentation:


Sorry, I cannot attend Kevin… I have a practice with my father and siblings to sing at my mom’s interment on Saturday… but much of what you’re covering is familiar… and I will probably not be leading rides this year due to my uncertain physical capabilities. I will be along on rides and am more then happy to help out, but I need the freedom to call it quits early if my knee starts acting up… and that is not a very good quality for a leader - leaving their charges mid-ride.
I’m always available to assist with route planning, or during a ride to be available to assist as much as possible.
Have a good meeting tomorrow and we’ll see you again soon.
Kevin S

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Kevin, a question came up in the women-only forum: will you be recording the ride leader training/refresher for anyone who’s interested but can’t make it tonight?
(I also tagged you on a reply in the women’s forum, but not sure you’ll be able to post a reply in there)

Hi Susan,

@kevrideseverything might be able to confirm otherwise, but I don’t think we have the ability to record Google Meet presentations with WCC’s edition of GSuite. I would advise people to attend if at all possible.

– Jeremy

I just found a free recorder that seems to work fine, so fingers crossed for tonight, I think we’ll be able to record.