Monday Morning Intermediate Road - Ariss 10 am Sobeys Fisher Hallman & Columbia

WCC Member Group Ride

Date: Monday, Aug 28
**Start Time:**10 am
**Estimated Finish Time:**12:30 pm
**Approximate Distance:**66

Start Location:
Sobeys at Columbia and Fisher Hallman, Waterloo
Ariss - A bike ride in Waterloo, Ontario

If you’re retired or have a flexible work/ school schedule, this new road ride’s for you. We will be riding at an Intermediate pace - around 30 km/ h average, with the intent no one is dropped.

You can use our Ride Culture to help understand what to expect on the ride.

Your co-ride leaders are Drew Molnar and Scott Nevin.
If you have specific questions prior to your ride please ask here.
Thanks & enjoy your Ride!

WCC rides are open to members only. Guests are permitted provided they have an active OCA membership. All riders must follow the rules of the Highway Traffic Act and are responsible for riding in a safe manner

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