Monday Intermediate Group Ride - 10 am Sobeys Plaza

WCC Member Group Ride

Date: Monday August 14
Start Time: 10 am
Estimated Finish Time: 12;30 pm
Discipline: Road
Culture: Intermediate
Approximate Distance: 66 kms

Start Location:
Sobeys at Columbia and Fisher Hallman


Light winds from the east for Monday so heading up to Ariss
Got some time on your hands - this is a no-drop intermediate road ride.

If you have specific questions prior to your ride please ask here.
Thanks & enjoy your Ride!

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WCC rides are open to members only. Guests are permitted provided they have an active OCA membership. All riders must follow the rules of the Highway Traffic Act and are responsible for riding in a safe manner

Likely be there for the start. Need to bail at Maryhill to get back for an appointment.

Great. See you in the morning!

I plan to meet you on Lexington… Hopefully you’re going the usual direction out of town.