Kits Available for Pick Up At Adventure Guide

The club kits have arrived and are ready for pick up at Adventure Guide. Please be sure to bring a piece of ID and check the store hours before going.

Happy Riding!


Really happy with the colours. Great job on the clothing design, skin suit looks great.


Ah! Found it! So this is the announcement that the “garneau clothing” arrived :slight_smile:

I was expecting an email, or even a mention in the newsletter. I was told it was in the forum, so I searched for “garneau” and “clothing” because those are the terms used for the store, but this announcement does not have either. Now it does!!



We announced it in one of the newsletter emails, via social media and here on the announcements section.

Thanks Jeremy. The newsletters must be going to my spam box because I don’t see any since May 2nd. And I saw this thread in the announcements section, it’s just that when I searched for “garneau clothing” this was not returned. But I got my kit now!

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