King Street Cycles Monday Night Ladies MTB Ride - July 31

The Hydrocut is still closed after all of the rain we received on Saturday. If the trails dry in time for our ride this evening, we will be riding there. Otherwise, we will ride at Puslinch. I will make a call by 5pm.

The ride will leave at 6:30pm.

Some details about the rides:

  • Participants need to sign-up for the ride in advance. This will give us a general idea of how many people are riding, the number of groups needed as well as emergency contact information. A new form will be made available each week. You cannot sign up for future weeks in advance.

  • Try to arrive at least 5-10 minutes earlier to make sure you and your bike are ready and to get organized into your ride group.

  • Groups will be divided according to pace. There will be a pre-assigned leader for each group. (Typically we split into 2 to 3 groups, depending on the number of participants.)

  • All participants need to be in good health. We will follow public health guidelines.

  • All riders need to have a bike in working order, wear a helmet and be self-sufficient in terms of tools, tubes, water and snacks.


If you are not already a member of the King Street Cycles Club or WCC, you can obtain membership information here.

Members of both clubs need to sign a King Street Cycles waiver, once a year. All members are eligible to receive a 10% discount on in stock parts and accessories from King Street Cycles throughout the season.

Hopefully we are able to ride tonight.


We are going to ride at Puslinch tonight. The Hydrocut is currently open, but there have been several reports of wet conditions there right now.