ISO Bike Bag (to borrow)

I’m looking to travel with my Gravel bike ~May26-June10 and wondering if I can borrow from someone in the Club over that time.

I own a bike bag, a nice stealthy Orucase B2. However, it’s the “regular” variant, not the -MTB variant that would fit the gravel bike.

At this point any sort of bag that can fit a Canyon gravel bike (Large) will do.


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Are you stuck with QR on your bag, otherwise I would have thought the gravel bike would fit.

I have a bkind Hellium v4, The dimensions it takes are shown below. Pretty sure I still have all the axle adaptors, but I’ll need to check.

Hey Rob! The Orucase requires full disassembly – bars, post, fork, rear mech, etc. It’s pretty involved, goal being to claim that it’s just regular luggage in linear inches/cm.

The front thru axel is 100mm and the rear is 142mm. Would this work? The fact that the bike seems to be able to fit 2 sets of wheels tells me that only one set is sufficient towards the front of the bike. The back of the bike is wider for larger wheels (hence the 142mm).


Pretty sure it should work, the specs says includes the adaptors for 142. They are literally cheap plastic inserts that fit in the metal tubing. I’ll pull it out of my crawlspace later on and check. There is plenty of space around the rear of the bike from memory.

The case requires the stem come off, rear derailleur and pedals