Garmin Edge - Personalize Startup Screen

Not sure how may are aware of this but I just found out recently that I can personlize the startup screen on my Edge 520 and Edge 530 head units. I suspect the same is possible with most of the other Garmin head units.

There is a text file called “startup.txt” in the Garmin folder of the devices. You can add text in here that will get displayed each time you turn on the device. Could help in getting it returned if you ever loose it.

The default file has comments giving clear instructions on how to edit the file.
I updated mine as follows:

<!-- Edit this file to display a message while your unit is powering on                -->
<!-- Allow one full power cycle after editing for your message to be updated           -->

<!-- Set the display number to the minimum number of seconds your message is displayed -->
<display = 10>

<!-- Type your message on the next line -->
Owner: Andrew Meyer (226)505-1765

On my Edge 530 it displays like this:


Pretty neat. I will try this out


Thanks for the tip. I put my emergency contact in there as well.

It worked on the 830…thanks…

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