Friday Early Morning Recovery Ride

Is work or family interfering with your riding? Join us for an early morning ride. We usually ride Thursday and Friday mornings although this week, Thursday morning still looks a bit wintry. These rides will start at 5:30 am and most of you will be home by 7:30 am. The rides will stick to loops in the urban areas of KW (to benefit from streetlights). Needless to say, full front and rear lights are mandatory. Thursday rides will start with a warmup / social pace to a loop. On the loop everyone can ride at their own pace and include intervals; then we meet and ride back together. Friday rides will be mostly chill to keep the legs fresh for the weekend.
Route for this Friday I posted here. We meet 5:25 at 278 Park St. - corner or Park and Dominion in the small parking lot (east side of Park St).

Thanks for this…

I assume we just show up and not sign up?

Karl Spangler

Hi Karl, sorry the event feature didn’t work for me. @jeremyhaak how did you fix this last time?
@kspangler please watch the forum though. If there’s rain in the forecast I would cancel (rain, cold, and dark is not a pleasant combo)

I fixed the event.

@maba0320 The issue seems to be that the event tag was on the same line as your rwgps link. Moving it to a new line fixes the problem.

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