Colour Ride Rec Gravel recap Oct 22

Six hardy souls braved the wind and cool day to be rewarded with stunning views at the Forks of the Credit and the Badlands.

We had a few mechanicals.

But @barbara was ready with what was needed.

Here are a few of the views…

Postponing to today meant we were able to have the sun come out. We missed @PattiDennison today though.

@jnet and I came back to Erin early but went to Holtom’s so I had treats for everyone else when they finished.


@Bikedawn those pictures are magical!! So pretty!

I’m glad you all had a good ride. I had a family birthday I couldn’t miss or I would have joined you guys for sure.

Here’s some from mine:


Fabulous ride! The colours were awesome. Interesting roads. And a great group. Lots of good conversations and lots of laughs.