Changing your personal Look and Feel

There are not a ton of options for you to adjust the look and feel of the forum for yourself, but under preferences you can play with a few things:

*Theme default – I switched my Regular setting to Dark Mode Quite the change
*Text Size – make your personal text size smaller or larger
*Default Home Page – when you click the WCC icon at the top left this sets where it takes you.

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… and the Default Home Page setting is not sticking for some reason. I will look into this more.

Dark Them and smaller text “work” – not sure what I think about this though.

Apparently there are some issues with how the Dark Theme works and some modifications may be required.

I am going to look into making this possible. Added to the To Do list.

We are still in a Members Only Kinda Beta phase of this forum for a reason. If you find any issues please report them to us.