Bill 282 - MOMS act

Most of you probably aren’t too concerned about this but there is a really good blog post on the London Bicycle Cafe site around the changes to the ebike laws with requests to contact your MP. No need for me to rehash the details the blog post below is really good.

For most of us the rules don’t impact us and they seem generally positive with some unintentional consequences. A little clarification could go a long way.

For those that don’t think ebikes are relevant, remember we will all get old. I keep hearing of stories of people with health issues, that used to bike and now can again.

I borrowed my wife’s a month ago, I had already ridden for 5 hours with Kevin, and two hours with the kid, off a bagel for breakfast and a muffin for lunch, riding 2km for takeout including a decent hill that otherwise would have made me drive. In terms of a urban future ebikes will do more for transportation then pretty much any other measure. I have seen an incredible number out over the last year, as much as throttle bikes should be banned, modern ebikes that are pedal assist are amazing and my 7 year old will constantly outpace my wife just so her motor stops assisting her.