Big Ride Registration

Hi all,

The Big Ride for 2023 is fast approaching on September 16! Come on out and challenge yourself with 100, 160 and 220 km distances. We have lunch provided by our charitable partner, the Alzheimer Society of Waterloo-Wellington in Campbelleville, and we have a guarantee from our co-organizer, Scott Nevin, that the weather is going to be beautiful! :wink:

We’d appreciate anyone who is going to be riding to register as soon as possible to help us with planning for lunch and support vehicles and materials for the ride.

Here is the registration form!

Big Ride Registration

Please complete the form to indicate your participation. An email with further information and instructions will be sent to you following registration.

You will be able to make changes to your registration if you choose to change distances later on.

Just a reminder that the ride is open to members only. If non-members would like to ride, we would ask them to sign up for a club membership.

Please message myself, Scott Nevin or Robert Elder if you have any questions.

Thanks for participating!

The Big Ride organizing committee


Hi Rob,
Can you share the routes for the day?

Fondo - 100km Big Ride 100 Route #1 - A bike ride in Kitchener, Ontario

Medio Fondo - 160 km Big Ride 160 - A bike ride in Kitchener, Ontario

Grand Fondo - 220 km Big Ride 220 - A bike ride in Kitchener, Ontario

Bell School Line is a brute, 100m in a km - bring your climbing legs


Just as an update, we currently have 22 riders registered:

6 for the Fondo, 9 for the Medio Fondo and 7 for the Grand Fondo. Already establishing a decent group for each event so there’ll be lots of folks to help carry the load!

If you haven’t registered, please join us for some fun and to support a great cause!



Hello Rob
Would you highlight your lunch location in Campbellville as a POI on the 3 routes.? Most likely in the park correct?

Would this be like any other group ride? Or is it a race? If it’s a group ride, how does the pacing work?

I have registered for the 220 KM route.


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Yes, lunch will be in the park in the centre of the village

Hi @Vikram_Subramanian The intent is that for each distance the riders ride as a group and it is NOT a race. Typically the long group consists of group 1, 2 and 3 riders and the pace would be determined by the group - we do not want people dropped and left behind.


Will do. Just have to learn how to do that. We’ve booked the park across the road from Flying Monkey.


I can redo it for you. I can not edit your version Rob.

Ok. Good for me to learn how to do though.


Find the Drop POI, Point of Interest selection, middle right side. Select.
Go to the map, click at the park. POI window comes up. Select under the Generic label, the drop down menu for Rest Stop. Name it, describe it, save it

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Modified Routes



Thanks for doing that. I’ve discovered that I can’t add POI as I just have the basic account. Need to upgrade to premium apparently…


Or use the WCC account

Hi folks. I know some are wondering about what we do in case of bad weather - we have a rain date of Sunday September 17th if there is a lot of rain on Saturday the 16th. Just something to keep in mind, although lm sure the weather will be great!! :blush:

i signed up for the 100km ride… what is the suggested parking for the start/end location on Frederick St?