Watching vs Tracking

So… I just found out what the difference is between Watching vs Tracking in Discourse Categories! ( I am still learning things about this too). I thought i would share.

Basically if you are watching you get an email. If you are Tracking, you get an icon/notification when you go to the forum.

This is great for me. As an admin I can set it so I get email for Site Feedback category posts or Staff category posts or Board of Directors category posts ( I kinda need these), but for the fun stuff, like actually talking about biking ( we are gonna start doing that here, right :wink:) I can follow them when I log into the forum, but don’t get tons of emails.

I had not stopped to see what “Tracking” was until now. I like it, and thought i would share.

Side note: these beta discussions have been great. Hoping to add all WCC members soon so we can get their opinions and also start talking about bikes!

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